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Fancy seeing you here! Where have we left off? It’s beginning to cool down in Sydney however my thought process has been left behind on the other side of the world so the colder I feel it may be, the more it ends up being a complete disappointment.

Alas, a solution! Growing up as one of those Australian’s (don’t quote me here) with the mentality of “I hate sand so I’m not coming to the beach” to shapeshifting into not being able to breathe without the ocean who at any given moment will pack up and rush straight down the beach. Picture three months of summer in Australia and the only real resolution to the weather is closing up shop and heading down to one of our divine beaches. But after the incident that floated through most of Melbourne’s beaches in January it’s safe (and cleaner) to say Sydney’s beaches still take the throne.

Fast forward to the middle of February and what you’ve found is that you’re flying across the globe and have developed an obsession with Jane: The Virgin. I for one cannot read suddenly. You might now realise you’re in London completely unprepared for the snow showers outside.

What better way to revive the mind than to take a trip to Europe in the middle of winter? Beware, it WILL cost you, sometimes 6€ for a regular cappuccino. Unlike myself who has concentration traits of a goldfish, it will benefit you to do some light research to avoid being a victim of being pick pocketed for starters. Envision me clutching onto my bag under my jacket walking through the 9th arrondissement to somehow finding myself outside the Moulin Rouge.

After discovering that croissants are a real Parisian cliché and wine is cheaper than water you will easily begin to pick up on the difference between bonjour and bonsoir to realise by directly saying merci will earn you extra acclaim. In addition to this, order a café crème over a cappuccino.

You can thank me now! Putting aside the fears of looking like a tourist and stopping every 6 steps to admire all of the history and architecture on the streets of the city, here is my brief to-do list in Paris (if you find yourself with a spare minute):

Hôtel Costes – 239-241 Rue Saint-Honroé
Rose Bakery – 30 Rue Debelleyme
Café de Flore – 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain
Ladurée – 75 Av. des Champs-Élysées
L’Avenue – 41 Avenue Montaigne
Glass –7 Rue Frochot
Le Montana – 28 Rue Saint-Benoît
Colette – 213 RueSaint-Honroé
Le Bon Marché – 24 Rue de Sévres
Galeries Lafayette – 17 Boulevard de la République
Gucci – 60 Avenue Montaigne