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Despite having a new turn of events in life, I spent the last week secluded in tranquility inside a cozy little pool house in the middle of Queensland. Somewhere halfway between my dreams and reality I found being stranded with your thoughts is all you could really ask for sometimes (that and being stuck with my best friend the entire time which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Catch me sizzling under the sun with all that is left of this mini-getaway, or treat it like an escape from reality. There’s a pretty sweet alfresco dining area and a chilled bottle of Domaine Pichot calling my name.

Lucid Dream (verb)
The meaning of an extremely vivid dream. One in which you are aware that you are dreaming. Lucid dreams often occurs once training yourself to do so where reality checks into your subconscious and becomes aware of your dream. To know that your dream isn’t reality yet having control of your fantasy.