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There’s no easy way to say this… It’s not you, it’s me.

Incepting from countless hours, days and nights spent behind the computer screen struggling to find a surface fitting on the digital scene in 2008, I produced my first blog using only a few tools and some techniques I taught myself on Photoshop after graduating from Microsoft Paint.

In the midst of graduating high school in 2012 I launched my official website titled Purposeful Drifter. This worked as a personal style journal and incorporated my early days of styling work which had me acting as a stylist and photographer.

Through the use of a few websites and social media I was able to build a platform where I shared my day-to-day activities morphing from high school student and into a first year fashion student with an audience of men and women from all different places around the world.

As time has flown by, I have retired from being a drifter of purposeful and found stability in being comfortable with my surrounding and in November 2016 ASHTONERAMYA.COM was launched. There’s nothing quite fitting like working under your namesake which leaves me where I am today, home.

ASHTONERAMYA.COM is an outlet where I’m able to share my taste for design and love for all things from styling, casting, photography, writing and amongst all of this; creating content.

For collaborations and project enquiries please direct your requests via email: hello@ashtoneramya.com